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August 20, 2008
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Clementine Quick ref sheet by Cesar-fps Clementine Quick ref sheet by Cesar-fps
Hey, here it is, the reference sheet for my character Clementine for the Nightmare OC tournament. There's the story:

Age: Originally 16
Height: 1.65m
Weight: 45kg
Measures: ... Do you really expectme to give that info?

About: Last living member of the Fontnoire Family from France, an old family suspected of practicing sorcery. Anyway, Despite of the influence of her family, at the time the german troops entered french territory, a secret team of 80 soldiers were sent to the Fontnoire mansion to investigate about the paranormal phenomena and the supernatural powers of the family. Unfortnately, an unexpected rising of the citizens of the town were the Fontnoire family lived, forced the soldiers to use the mansion as a frontline base. The Clementine's father tried to stop them, nothing would've happened if not for an accidental shot from one of the soldiers, resulting in the death of Clementines father. When the rest of her family refused to reveal the secrets of the mansion, the soldiers executated the remaining members of the family.

This unleashed the Clementine's fury, and se got even more furious when her Friend; Roberto tried to protect her from being shot by the back. Roberto died, and Clementine started to decimate the soldiers, one by one, till no one remained alive, after that, she retired to a strange subterranean construction called "The garden of the midnight wonder" or "The Stone garden" built under the mansion, and the place of ryths of her family for generations. 4 months after that, Nightmare came to visit her.

Fighting: Being so young is not an advantage sometimes, Clementine has very little fighting experience. She's a smart girl, so, very often she is very passive at fighting, observing an acting as she thinks is the best way. Her style is pretty more intuitive when shes has no time for observing the enemy: she attacks the way she feels it can result more effective dependng on the situation. Her lack of experience is mostly compensed by the abundance of experience coming from the entity living inside her: The dark maiden. Bye inheritance, she has natural high resistance to physical pain.

The dark maiden: The last one of an ancient interdimensional being race, that lived among the humans at the time the Inhabitants of atlantis were wiped out from the face of the earth by the wrath of a raising god. The rest of her race were exterminated along with the atlants. After that she passed thousands of years sleeping, until the ancesters of the Fontnoire discovered her place of resting and built a house over that place. Since then she began to being worshipped by the family, and in each generation a member of the fontnoire was chosen to be host of her. That way she can walk and see the outside world, because without a host and outside of her homeworld, she will die in matter of hours. In exchange, the host gains increased strenght, speed, senses and an almost unlimited healing capability (an amputated limb can regrow in about 10 or 20 minutes, while wounds smaller than that heals almost instantly). The dark maiden gives the host the power
of surviving for years without eating or sleeping, as she feeds on psychic energy coming from emotions o thoughts from living beings.

A commonly used hability is to make grow extra limbs or tissue, which density, hardness or texture can vary depending of what the host needs at the moment. This gives the host a very high defensive capability, being able to withstand, grenade impacts and other types of explossives. If needed, She can jump or run truly fast to avoid danger, at abou 90-120kmh for a few seconds.

The host becomes inmune to poison, diseases, and the effects of age. It presents a moderated tolerance to radiation, because any damage caused by that is inmediately regenerated.

Weaknesses: Any directed-energy weapon blow can kill both the dark maiden and the host, in this cases, the shield of th dark maiden becomes ineffective and her best choice is to avoid the blows. Also, the battle performance depends of the level of concentration of the host; if it is too upset to concentrate, it becomes very difficult for the dark maiden to coordinate an attack. The dark maiden can in any moment take control of the host's body, but she will do it only to escape or hide in some place, an rarely to ignore the host's will and quickly supress a threat.

Miscelaneous: The artifact in her legs is actually to help her walking while she's not using the dark maiden's powers. When she was 10 years old, she fell from a horse over a rock on the ground, as result she she broke her back and started to have an abundant bleeding, she would've if not for the decission their fathers took: Make her the dark maiden's host 10 years before they planned. That way Clementine was able to survive, but since the wound on her back wa inflicted before she became the host, it will take a couple of years to heal it using the regenerative hability of the dark maiden. Anyway, to help her, her father built that structure to give her a little more movility.

The dress she's wearing in the ref sheet an the last panels of th audition is a little strange to be from the 1940's, and it is because it's made to be used as a ritual clothing during the rites of the family. Originally, the skirt was the same lenght of the dress she uses in the first pages of the audition, but sometimes the skirt got stuck in the artifacts she uses for walking, and so, she decided to shorten the dress, so she can move freely, that's why she picked that one to attend the nightmare's offering of entering his tournament.

Even when she has lost every single person she loved along with her desire to live on, she's still being a kind person, definitively not as joyful as she once was, but is easy to talk to her, or ask her for help if needed.

Clementine is the host the dark maiden loved more of all she had through the years. And actually she stopped feeling the need of protecting Clementine for her own profit, right now she protects her because she loves clementine as if she were her daughter.

I wrote this really really quick, so, it may have some errors, heheh, sorry.
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GOING TO EAT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Want some french fries with that? :3
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Wanted to come by and say good luck in your match.
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Start with the head, that way the pain doesn't last dor too long :]
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Aunque me late más usar acuarela T_T
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Ya decia que el artistico de la casa eras tu O.O!

ame el dibujo pueh *-*
Twwig Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice audition, nice style and art. :) If you use Photoshop or something like that when you make the images, see if you can save them as something other than JPEG format, that should clear up all those dirty little pixel-smudges around areas where two colors meet each other. (PNG's are great)

I wish you luck!
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